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Viasat Marine Access System

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The Viasat Marine Access System (MAS) is an onboard network management solution built for maritime. 


The MAS offers the flexibility to deploy simple to complex networks for a wide range of vessels, and seamlessly aggregates multiple connections, provides cybersecurity, and determines priority access for those on board. 


The MAS 500 is best suited for yachts and vessels that need a home-office network on board, and the MAS 1000 is an enterprise-grade network management system.

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Ideal for superyachts and large leisure yachts


The SAILOR 900 Viasat Ka is an advanced antenna system and user terminal designed for high-speed maritime broadband services on Viasat Ka-band satellite networks. Built using the proven design of the SAILOR 900 platform as well as the Viasat broadband terminal technology, the SAILOR 900 is easy to use and brings high-speed internet to the high seas.

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Ideal for midsize leisure yachts


The SAILOR 600 Viasat Ka is a superlight 3-axis stabilized antenna system and user terminal designed for high-speed maritime broadband services on Viasat satellite networks. Developed using the proven SAILOR 600 platform and the Viasat second-generation broadband terminal, the SAILOR 600 enables new levels of bandwidth at sea.

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